The following are the scholarship grants available in Bohol Island State University Candijay Campus .

BFAR (Bureau of Fisheries and Acquatic Resources) Fisherfolk Children Scholars18Free tuition fee & 2,500 monthly allowance
ESGP-PA( Expanded Students' Grant-in-Aid Program for Poverty Alleviation)52Free tuition fee,3,500 monthly allowance & 2,500 Book allowance.
PLDT-Gabay Guro3Free tuitiopn fee & 1,000 monthly allowance
Dungganon1Free tuition and other fees
DOST (Department of Science and Technology)4Free tuition & other fees & 4,000/sem. Allowance
LGU-Guindulman23Free tuition and other fees (P5,000)
LGU-Ubay11Free tuition and other fees
LGU-Mabini9Free tuition and other fees
LGU-DILG44Free tuition only
Honorific1Valedictorian - 100% Free tuition fee only Salutatorian - 50% Free tuition fee only
CPG ( Carlos P. Garcia)2Free tuition and other fees
BESP (Bohol Educational Subsidy Program)68P2,500.00/Sem.
STUFAP: Partial Scholarship- GAA2P7,500.00/Sem.
STUFAP: Full Scholarship- HEDF1P15,000.00/Sem.
STUFAP: Partial Scholarship1P7,500.00/Sem.
STUFAP: Full Scholarship- GAA1P15,000.00/Sem.
FCB ( Alfonso L. Uy College Scholarship Program)2Full tuition fees, book allowance and 1,500 monthly allowance
Alemania Scholarship8Free tuition and misc. fee /Sem.
Andres P. Tamayo Sr. Foundation Inc.4Free tuition and misc. fee /Sem.
OFWDSP (OFW Dependent Scholarship Program)1Free tuition and misc. fee /Sem.
BSCI (Boholanos of Southern California, Inc.)0Free tuition and misc. fee /Sem.
DA-ACEF (Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund)10P 10,000.00
NCIP-EAP (National Commission on Indigenous Peoples)7P 10,000.00
INB (Iskolar ng Bayan)12Free tuition and misc. fee /Sem.
Life Bank Inc.3Free tuition and other school fees
Buddist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation, Phils.1Miscellaneous fee
CHED Tulong Dunong (0)1P 3,000.00 / Semester
CHED Tulong Dunong (00)3P 3,000.00 / Semester
CHED Tulong Dunong (B2)7P 3,000.00 / Semester
CHED Tulong Dunong (B3)235P 3,000.00 / Semester
CHED Tulong Dunong (PL)150P6,000.00 / Semester
CHED Tulong Dunong (P & 01)1P 3,000.00 / Semester
TES (Tertiary Education Subsidy)
781P 4,000.00/Month
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